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The Best Snapchat Hacks

In relation to competition, both WhatsApp and Snapchat will be in a fierce battle with each other. Included in the population likes both the social applications, while there are several who either are part of Team WhatsApp or Team Snapchat. So, which application surpasses the other? Here are a few app facts to help you decide.

Lets You Know If Somebody is Typing

This is a pro both for apps. When you type, it shows your contact that you will be typing and lets your receiver know you are responding, and they also can wait before sending the subsequent message to prevent any confusion.

Update Availability Status

WhatsApp allows you to allow your contacts know if you’re busy, away, or if perhaps your battery is getting ready to die. Whereas on Snapchat, current status isn’t available and you can only tell an e-mail is online after they reply.

Both applications show you if your contact has got, read, and seen your snap or message.

No SIM Card Required

To activate a Snapchat account, you do not need a SIM card with your phone, whereas for WhatsApp you do need one. However, you don’t need to experience a Sim within the same mobile phone since the application.

Contact Sharing

You can easily share your WhatsApp experience of your friends you simply need to attach a contact card. However, you cannot accomplish that with Snapchat yet.

Sharing Photos, Audio, and Video

Snapchat enables you to share pictures from both front and back cameras. Also, you can make a youtube video if you’d like. There is no specific icon to record voice messages, but easy it really is through video. WhatsApp enables you to do the 3 too. The key difference backward and forward is always that on Snapchat each of the snaps and videos, including messages, get deleted within a short time period (according to your timer settings) in WhatsApp, they can be saved and held in backup.

Automatic Address Book

Snapchat permits you to give a contact after you have accepted their request, during WhatsApp contacts are added automatically.

Snapchat permits you to to be creative together with your pictures you can doodle, add captions, and also have the funny additions by purchasing different filters from your Lens Store to adjust. WhatsApp, conversely, has Emoji to enable you to express your heartaches. To get more fun, you can download another application to obtain stickers for WhatsApp, a thought that Viber users have an understanding of.

Creativity with Pictures

On WhatsApp you can just crop a picture, but on Snapchat that you can do far more. You can include captions, emotions, draw on them etc. Also, both-way camera permits you to think outside the box during snaps and video chats.

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